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Personal problems are never easy. But add legal issues to emotional woes and the services of a lawyer can be invaluable. You may be contemplating divorce or separation and need to know when or if to file. North Shore Law in Vancouver, BC offers services in all areas of family law, including mediation of family law issues between spouses, incorporation of terms of settlement into written agreements, and settlement through the law process.

If all efforts to negotiate or mediate an agreement fail, North Shore Law is able to commence litigation under either or both of the Divorce Act of Canada or the Family Law Act of British Columbia with a view to having the disputed matters adjudicated by a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia and, if necessary, the Court of Appeals. Our family law services include:

Family Law Services

Divorce (collaborative or litigated)

Divorce is always stressful, especially if you own significant assets that make exit strategies complicated. Our trusted approach to BC divorce will maximize your financial rewards while guiding you through this major life change.


North Shore Law is committed to assisting you in reaching a successful resolution of your family law issues – from guardianship or custody of your children to property division and separation agreements. Our lawyers are trained to facilitate out of court settlements.

Separation Agreements

We can advise you on your options and review any offers you have been asked to consider, before negotiating and drafting your separation agreement.

Prenuptual / Co-habitation Agreements

Protect your future financial position, let us help you draft a BC Marriage Agreement or a BC Co-habitation Agreement.


Are you planning to relocate out of the country with your children – or the person who has custody of your children is looking to move? The paternity of your child may be in question. You may want to adopt a child or file for the guardianship of a child. We can advise you on the best course of action.

Parenting Coordination

We can help you determine how much child support or maintenance you should receive or need to pay.