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At North Shore Law we offer the expertise you will need to assist you and your family with all aspects of estate planning, including wills, trusts and planning for incapacity. We also provide assistance in the probate of wills and estate administration procedures. Often by taking steps before a problem arises, you can save yourself and your loved ones undue financial and emotional stress in the future. Our estate planning services include:

Estate Planning and Litigation Services

Customized Estate Planning

Your needs are unique and may be complex. We have the expertise to create an estate plan that is right for you.


North Shore Law can help you with your decisions on what you want done with your “estate” after you pass away. This includes any land, house, money, investments, personal items and other assets you own. A will makes good financial sense, and can minimize cost in terms of taxes and probate fees so that your loved ones receive more.

Powers of Attorney

We can assist you in appointing a Power of Attorney (specific or general) to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf.


We have expertise in setting up various types of trusts, including: protective, incapacity, family, secret, and business trusts. Come in and discuss your needs.

Adult Guardianship

Do you need to look after, or name a guardian for another family member and their property? We can guide you through the legal process.

Representation Agreement for Health Care (Living Wills)

Make arrangements for how you would like to be treated if you become mentally incapacitated and face either a terminal illness or suffer a catastrophic injury.

Committee Applications

Do you need assistance in managing a loved one’s affairs but they do not have a Representation Agreement? Let us guide you through the provincial legislation for this and minimize delays.

Probates of Wills

Do you need to prove the originality and validity of a Will? This can be a challenging time already, with the loss of a loved one. Contact us to make the probate process as smooth as possible.

Applications for Administration of Estates (if there is no Will)

Let us help you apply to the court for Letters of Administration in settling your loved one’s estate.

Estate Litigation

It may not be possible to resolve an issue involving the interpretation of a will, an inheritance or the disposition of estate property through discussion and negotiation. We can assist you in sorting these matters out through mediation or litigation, if necessary. If you are concerned about a will or your rights to an inheritance you should seek legal advice early on as there are time limitations. We can help ensure you are treated fairly through this difficult time.