Mark Slay was part of a panel that presented at the recent National Insolvency Conference held at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel earlier this year.

The panel , chaired by Madame Justice Kathryn Feldman of the Ontario Court of Appeal, included Professors Boyd and Sarra from UBC and Bob Klotz , an expert in insolvency law. The presentation was on the impact of bankruptcy on the property rights of spouses who are separated.

Mark’s paper considered the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in Schreyer and he pointed out that under the new Family Law Act prejudice may be caused to the spouses of bankrupts if uncertainty arises as to the date of separation. Mark has urged anyone who has a question about a possible bankruptcy by their spouse to obtain legal advice as soon as possible in order to protect their property rights.

A copy of Mark’s paper , which was published in the Canadian Journal of Family Law , may be seen by clicking here.