Recent Success in Family Law

North Shore Law LLP enjoyed recent success in two family law cases before the BC Court of Appeal.

In the first case, our client had been in a long term common law relationship and the family home was registered solely in her husband’s name. At the trial, we were successful in protecting our client’s interest in the home. On appeal, Mark Slay and Zara Suleman persuaded the Court of Appeal to uphold our client’s interest in the home, both on the basis of a constructive trust and a joint family venture. Ibbotson v. Fung, 2013 BCCA 171 – Final Decision.

Sheilagh Sparks was also recently before the Court of Appeal in a case in which our client had received an award of lump sum spousal support in the amount of $330,000. Based on Sheilagh’s submissions, the Court of Appeal upheld the trial award. Robinson v. Robinson, 2012 BCCA 497 – Final Decision.

The family law group at North Shore Law LLP represents clients both at trial and also on appeal. Please call us if you wish to consult with one of our lawyers.