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North Shore Law has helped families navigate periods of transition for close to 50 years.

Our family lawyers are fierce, determined, and successful advocates for our clients, at all levels of court. 

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North Shore Family Lawyers:
How Can We Help you?

Tailored Legal Services

  • Litigation
  • Collaborative process
  • Parenting coordination
  • Mediation

Specialized Family Law Advice

  • Family law contracts (cohabitation, pre-nuptial, marriage, and separation agreements)
  • Adoption
  • Asset protection, tax planning, and preservation of assets
  • Separation and divorce
  • Guardianship, parenting plans, and parenting responsibilities
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Division of family property and family debt
  • Protection orders, conduct order, restraining orders, and emergency relief

Legal Agreements

  • At the beginning of a relationshipWe can help you define a family law agreement to provide clarity around the ownership and management of assets and liabilities during your relationship.
  • At the end of a relationship: Ending a relationship can be difficult and create uncertainty about what the future holds. We can remove much of that uncertainty by providing you with intelligent, practical legal advice.

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Navigating Family Law in British Columbia

Whether you are moving in with your partner or considering proposing, a parent welcoming a child or planning for their inheritance, a couple redefining property rights or former spouses trying to resolve a dispute, you can depend on us for practical legal advice and steadfast support.

Our Experience: North Shore Family Lawyers

Our lawyers are skilled negotiators, ready to advocate for your best interests. We can draft a separation agreement that will serve as a roadmap for resolving the dispute while meeting your needs. We will strive to resolve disputes early on, while protecting your interests, through collaboration and mediation, where appropriate.


Learn More About Our North Shore Family Lawyers

Every family is different and dynamic. As we move through life, families change, and so do the needs of the family. Whether you are at the beginning of a relationship, transitioning to a new phase, or coming to the end of a relationship, our family lawyers can help you to identify, understand, and protect your needs and those of your family.

Since 1973, North Shore Law has been committed to providing the highest standards of service to our clients. We’ve established strong roots in our community and built enduring relationships across the Greater Vancouver area. We’ve earned our good reputation by going the distance for our clients.

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