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If you need a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver, the Accidents and Personal Injury Law department of North Shore Law in North Vancouver, BC provides a full range of legal advice in all areas of personal injury litigation. This includes claims arising from:

Personal Injury Law Services

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident in British Columbia, or if you are a resident of British Columbia and have been injured in a car accident elsewhere in North America, North Shore Law can assist you to recover compensation for pain and suffering , any current financial losses such as income, medical costs and even the replacement and repair costs to your vehicle, as well as potential future losses and expenses in the event your injuries are permanent. We’ll guide you through the settlement process with ICBC or whatever insurance company may be involved, or we’ll take your case to trial.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Our injury lawyers in Vancouver can help you recover compensation for injuries you’ve suffered on someone else’s property through no fault of your own.

We don’t get paid until you are helped

Our lawyers have extensive experience acting on behalf of individuals who have been injured, or sometimes repeatedly injured, as a result of these incidents. If you’ve been injured we can help you get financial compensation for what you’ve suffered and to make sure you don’t need to worry about any treatment expenses or losses you may incur in the future. We can assist your physician by helping them get access to specialists you may otherwise have had to wait months (and sometimes years) to see. We can provide you with peace of mind and let you focus on your recovery.

Some of these claims involve insurance companies, and in those cases we deal directly with the insurance adjuster so you can be comfortable knowing that your claim will be presented fully and fairly so that you get the best possible settlement or trial award. In claims where there is no insurance involved, we also guide you through the process of collecting on your judgment.

We provide our clients with a high degree of fee-for service flexibility, including contingency fee arrangements, and in most injury claims we don’t receive a fee until our client receives compensation.

North Shore Law also defends our clients against unfair, exaggerated or malicious injury claims. We have decades of experience acting on behalf of a variety of individuals, businesses and insurers in the defence of injury claims. If you or one of your clients is being sued in such a claim, we know exactly what to do to first, and what to do next. Our lawyers have experience in defending cases involving a variety of issues, including host liability, under-insured and uninsured motor vehicle claims, and premises liability. We have a range of counsel capable of dealing with issues in all levels of court, and we ensure work is delegated appropriately to help you manage the costs of litigation.