David Robinson


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* Practicing through a Professional Law Corporation

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  • LLB Honours- Liverpool University (1974)

Bar Admission

  • Admitted as a Solicitor in UK (1978)
  • Admitted as a Solicitor in Hong Kong (1980)
  • Bar Admission, British Columbia (1994)

David Robinson has more than 40 years’ experience as a lawyer. Beginning his practice in Yorkshire, England as a litigation lawyer, he spent an exciting decade practising in Hong Kong, before settling on the beautiful North Shore.

His practice at North Shore Law is centred on plaintiff personal injury and insurance defence work. David’s clients benefit from his extensive experience and deep knowledge of personal injury and insurance law.

As a personal injury lawyer, David works hard to help his clients obtain the treatment and compensation they deserve. If a reasonable settlement cannot be achieved, David is prepared to represent his clients’ interests at trial.

Over his long career, David has been involved in a wide range of personal injury cases including catastrophic cases, deaths, work accidents, assaults, disease and chemical cases, explosions, boat accidents, slip and falls, as well as a huge diversity of motor vehicle accidents, motorbike and cycle accidents. David cares for his clients and recognizes that everyone’s circumstances are different. He provides advice that is tailored to each client while working tirelessly to help clients get the medical treatment they need.

David has practised law since 1978 in three jurisdictions: Canada, Hong Kong, and England. He has learned a great deal from practising in diverse areas including commercial and banking litigation, personal injury, solicitor negligence, solicitor misconduct, defamation, committees, adoption, intellectual property, and hotel law. David is still involved with committees and adoption cases. David has appeared in the Court of Appeal in all three jurisdictions where he’s lived—Canada, England, Hong Kong—as well as their respective Supreme Courts.

He has sat on Law Society Committees in Hong Kong as well as Hong Kong Government Committees. Throughout his career, he has given time to pro bono work and clinics and causes such as the autism class-action lawsuit in BC. David’s involvement in this class-action primarily involved drafting affidavits of the representatives and other family members about their children with autism and the struggles they went through. This experience gave David a greater understanding of autism and what can be done to help children with it.

He has been a Director of the Adoptive Families Association of BC and helped found and run FCC, an organization for families who have adopted children from China.

David’s interests include looking after home, family, elderly friends, his dogs, and his garden (particularly the vegetables). He also enjoys tennis, lawn bowling, cooking from around the world, entertaining, and when his wife and he have time, travelling.