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18 03, 2019

Proving Your Losses During an Insurance Claim


If you are making an insurance claim, it is your responsibility to prove your losses. If you do not provide sufficient evidence, or follow the correct procedures, your claim may [...]

Proving Your Losses During an Insurance Claim2019-03-18T21:35:38+00:00
20 02, 2019

Negotiating a Commercial Lease


Commercial tenants are often at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating a commercial lease. Often the landlord has a standard agreement that he or she reproduces. If so, it [...]

Negotiating a Commercial Lease2019-02-20T04:08:14+00:00
29 01, 2019

Can I Represent Myself in a Criminal Court?


Yes, you can represent yourself in a criminal court, although it is recommended that you use a lawyer with experience in criminal law. This will reduce your personal stress and [...]

Can I Represent Myself in a Criminal Court?2019-02-20T04:08:44+00:00
8 01, 2019

Occupiers’ Liability and Dangerous Premises Claims


Owners and occupiers have a legal obligation to ensure their property is reasonably safe. If this duty is not met and a visitor suffers injuries as a result, there may [...]

Occupiers’ Liability and Dangerous Premises Claims2019-02-20T04:09:15+00:00
28 12, 2018

What is a Representation Agreement?


In British Columbia, a Representation Agreement is a legal document that allows you to appoint another person or persons, to make important decisions on your behalf. The people you appoint [...]

What is a Representation Agreement?2018-12-28T17:18:23+00:00